Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update on Education Vouchers

A while ago I posted about education vouchers to assist students in private schools. I talked about my problems with them, and the risk factors involved.
Now that Utah has gone ahead with this, we'll see the problems start to emerge. What's the constitutionality of using tax money to teach religion in public schools? Is there a potential lawsuit here? Will taxpayer money be used to defend it? And, more importantly, will children be better educated? Or will the fundamentalist private schools insist on confusing science with religion, like they have in the past? See the other post for more information on some of these private schools...
Looks pretty dreary. A 'quality' education that involves studying science through the scriptures...Two different paradigms, and both are crippled. Kind of like putting horseradish sauce on angel food cake. Both great foods, but when you start mixing them, you run into trouble.