Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Threats work!

After our honeymoon, April and I went down to southern Utah to see Zion and Bryce, and to participate in a family reunion. We spent a few days in a small cabin near Zion, and had planned to spend one night in a nicer cabin in Tropic, closer to Bryce and the family reunion. I made reservations, and everything was good to go.
The cabin in Tropic, where we were only going to stay for a single night, had sent me a receipt, stating that if we wanted to cancel, we had to notify them at least three days before the reservation. They would still charge $25, but we would get most of our money back. Well, April and I decided to skip that cabin and go home a day early. We called four or five days in advance to cancel.
And then the nightmare began. When we didn't receive a refund, I started calling, leaving messages, and emailing. Nothing worked. The owners were away for a family emergency. The owners weren't in right then. They never returned messages I left...including both phone and email. I called over a dozen times. Finally, this last Friday, almost two months after we made the cancellation, my patience ran out. I emailed them, telling them that if I didn't hear from them within a week, I would report them to the Better Business Bureau and write three negative reviews of them on the web. I was serious. Sometimes, revenge is not only sweet, it's necessary.
The threat worked. Monday I got a call from the owner, and, supposedly, our refund is on its way.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update on the 27-year-old mono patient

I'm over the fever, the excessive phlegm (which also made it difficult to sleep and made me snore), and the minor digestive stuff (probably caused by the antibiotics I was taking). Also over the sore throat and the difficult swallowing. Low energy, however, is here to stay. Most mono cases are kind of like this...Pretty sick for two weeks, and then low energy for a couple of months. Not much I can do about it. At least I can give myself a good excuse for not exercising...I'm supposed to take it easy and not exert myself too much. Just going grocery shopping ends up sapping most my energy.

Friday, August 10, 2007


So I finally found a job. And we're not talking sleep clinic graveyard work, or something else that would be a move down. We're talking an actual teaching job.
A few days ago, Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls called and left a message.
I'd interviewed with them right before I got married, and the principal had called me and told me that he thought they'd hire me, and to talk to him before I accepted any other offers. Well, after the honeymoon, I discovered an email from him, telling me they'd given the job to someone who could teach both earth science and biology. Bit of a disappointment. Major disappointment, with the lack of open teaching jobs in the area.
Now, many teaching jobs are difficult to get. But I'm a science teacher. Math, science, and special education (and, more and more, ESL) are all areas where more teachers are needed...at least everywhere but eastern Idaho. I've been amazingly diligent about keeping abreast of all the job openings within an hour of Idaho Falls. And I interviewed for a total of two jobs. Not that good of odds.
So when I listened to the message from Bonneville, new hope sprung up within me. Sure enough, they wanted to 'emergency hire' me. Another teacher had quit just three weeks before the beginning of the school year, and I was their best option.
So, I'm relieved. Benefits (so now I'll have health insurance and won't have to pay out-of-pocket anymore). Good pay (well, compared to my other alternatives), and good hours. And a job I'll probably enjoy.
Of course, since I'm an emergency hire, after this year my job is up for grabs, and if I want it, I have to reapply and interview for it again. Not that I'll have a ton of competition, but...
We're not planning on staying, though. Northwest US, Northeast US, or Europe sound great.