Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Orson finally makes some sense

Orson Scott Card's reviews are often good (just see what he has to say about "Game of Thrones", and you'll see what I mean). His politics and his essays, though...
He still believes global warming's a hoax.
He still believes the war in Iraq is justifiable.
He believes "intelligent design" is good science.
I'd despaired of ever reading anything worthwhile in his "World Watch" column...until today.
Check the link out. Some good stuff (with the exception of one small paragraph about global warming).
Think about his ideas, listen to Rush's "Subdivisions" (one of the greatest songs ever made), and take a trip to Europe to check out how much better their system works.
Then take that long drive home from work.
Thanks, Orson. Meanwhile, as we wait for your ideas to change America, I think I'll start looking for work in Switzerland.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Engaged

Not that anyone who actually reads this blog doesn't already know it, but I'm engaged! April Marcum and I will be married on June 16th in the Idaho Falls temple, and we'll have an open house in South Jordan probably on June 22nd. We'll be moving to Idaho Falls after the wedding, where I will attempt to find work (so if you know anyone in education up there, let me know). In any case, I'm stressed out now with all the planning, but I'm happier than I've ever been.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vote for Obama

Elections are coming soon...oh. Wait a minute. Fall of 2008 is still a long ways off. But candidates are gearing up for it already.
On the right, you've got a Mormon, a pro-choicer, a "I used to have a brain but now I just do what I'm told", and a "I'm an adulterer and a hypocrite, but I've repented". As much as I'd like to see Romney in office, I don't think it's going to happen. And really, I don't think any of these others stand much of a chance either. McCain maybe. It's too bad he's changed his independent, maverick ways, and that he now bows to the almighty religious right.
On the left, you've got two main contenders (although Gore may soon be joining them). You've got the most evil woman ever (well, next to Ann Coulter, that is), and you've got Obama. He's not leading the polls, but he's got several things going for him:

1. He's intelligent.
2. He's charismatic.
3. He's young.
4. He's not a Bush or a Clinton (and we'll have had twenty years of those before the next election).
5. He voted against the war in Iraq (and almost prophetically predicted problems we'd have there).
6. He's a good family man.
7. He's genuine.

I hope the Democrats are smart enough to realize that Obama is much more likely to win swing votes than Clinton. And I really hope we don't have to choose between Hillary and Newt, or Hillary and John, or Hillary and Rudy. I want to vote for someone I respect.

Cheney and BYU

So, Dick Cheney is speaking at the BYU graduation. A big deal, having the vice president come. The white house actually called BYU up and asked if Cheney could speak (isn't is supposed to work the other way around?). Guess they figured that BYU was one of the few large universities where Cheney would be able to make himself heard above the boos.
I think this is riskier than BYU initially thought. Only history will tell. Cheney's been accused of a lot of evil things, and many, including BYU students, believe those things.
My dad believes Bush is a decent guy but not too bright. I (risking the ire of more conservative readers) agree. Maybe I've read too much fiction, but it seems that someone who's both dumb and powerful will attract friends that are smart and manipulative. People pulling the strings. Cheney could certainly fit this bill...and his buddies (Haliburton) are one of the few groups that are benefiting from the war in Iraq.
The first presidency of the LDS church had a hand in the decision; to those who say that everything they say and do is directed by God (and that statement has been made), I reply: they're human. They make mistakes. They're good men, they receive inspiration from God, but not every decision they make is directed by the Lord.
A few years ago, this would've been a great decision. Now...thousands of students, friends, and alumni have signed a petition in opposition, and a couple of protests are planned. BYU, to their credit, is allowing some protests (unbelievable as that may seem), and they've announced that Reid (the most politically powerful elected Mormon ever, not to mention a Democrat), will be speaking at a forum this next fall. Still, having someone widely regarded as a warmonger as a commencement speaker is a poor choice.