Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Years Resolution

They always say to write your goals down so that you'll actually do them. So my goal this year is to be 210 lbs. Fat? Well, I am 6' 6". My pants have the same waist size as pant-length. But they're getting a little bit tight, and I could stand to lose a few (well, twenty) pounds or so. Here are the steps I'll take:
1. Only eat at meal times (no snacks). I'll have to stop buying snack food (brownie mixes, candy, etc.) Tough, but necessary.
2. Pack my own lunches in to work. The cafeteria food is decent and dirt cheap ($2), but I've washed dishes in a cafeteria before, and, for the most part, the food is not particularly healthy. A packed whole-wheat sandwich and a piece of fruit will be much better.

Besides fitting into my clothes better, a diet will help me feel better, both physically and emotionally. My father has heart problems, so I've probably inherited them, and less weight will make them less severe (although my dad's not heavy, and he still has problems). It will also get my mother off my back. I'll save a bit of money (enough to buy maybe a CD a month). And hey, I might even be more attractive to the ladies (although it won't do nearly as much as confidence and exercise).

Friday, December 15, 2006

New job and stuff

So, I got a new job teaching science to kids with drug and sex offenses. My first job that's offered both benefits and good (regular) hours. It pays better than a regular teaching job, but just because I work more days (I don't get summer break, Christmas vacation, etc.) The other teachers are fun to work with. I like some of the students, but a few of the students are as close to evil as one can get by the age of 17. I seriously think the worst ones should be placed on a deserted island and be told to fend for themselves (now that would make great TV...I'd watch it at least, as long as it was my students). On the up side, most of the students aren't that bad, and class sizes are a lot smaller than at public schools. The teachers also tend to be a lot cooler than the average public school teacher. And they're paying for me to get certified with special ed., and then giving me a raise once I get there. Not a bad deal. The only downside, really, is the bad kids and the fact that it's an hour away from where I'd like to live (Provo). I've been spending weekends and Wednesday nights in Provo and the rest of the time in South Jordan, at my parent's place.
My am I so interested in staying in Provo? After all, my family and a couple of my friends are in the South Jordan area. Well...
1. The ladies. This area is a bit complicated now, so I'll blog about it once it gets resolved, but complicated is a lot better than nothing going on (like the last 30 months).
2. The singles ward. I've never felt as at home in a singles ward. There is some stress and some responsibilities involved with my participation there, but it's nothing compared to the stress from work and from the dating situation. What a great group of people! What a great bishopric!
3. The friends. More old friends are in Provo than anywhere else.
So, hopefully I'll be able to write up about the second half (and more interesting) part of this post in a few weeks. And hopefully it will have a clear and happy ending. We'll see.