Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pneumonia sucks

So I've been sick a lot these past couple of weeks. Three weeks ago I came down with a bad fever, coupled with exhaustion. I took a couple days off work to recover. The next week I was ok...and then I started getting sick again. Coughing and exhaustion. Went into urgent care on Memorial Day...and I'm diagnosed with pneumonia. Pneumonia's contagious, but it doesn't usually get you unless your immune system is compromised. The only thing I can figure out is that whatever hit me three weeks ago occupied my immune system down and left me wide open for another type of invasion (sound like a certain current war? Oh, never mind). So pneumonia snuck in and attacked. My right lung was filled with liquid (explaining why I had to rest and get my breath back after, say, shaving, or climbing a flight of stairs, or anything else). The antibiotics they gave me took a couple of days, but the disease that, several years ago, put my dad in the hospital for a week, seems to be gone, and I have my energy back. Which I need in order to move, find a job, and, most importantly, prepare for a certain wedding...
Lesson to be learned: don't stress out a lot, and never hesitate to see a doctor, especially if you get hit by a disease, start recovering, and then get hit again.

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caron said...

Amen, Brotha! I was the queen of pnemonia as a kid and it stinks big time! I even got it again a few years ago, I was coughing constantly for about 2 months. Make sure you really get rid of it or it will haunt you! Humidifiers are a fabulous help.
I hope you feel better soon!

PS, your invitations are lovely. Congratulations again and I hope that your plans are going swimmingly. :)