Thursday, October 04, 2007

A new baseball coach

The best part of my work is my new co-workers. The science department at the high school is awesome. Three of us are brand new, three have been there for a while, and one was just hired to teach three classes (meaning all of the rest of us had our classes rearranged so she could have classes to teach). Last year, a capable teacher was, according to our department head, abused and then let go by the administration.
A few of us are eating lunch together. The chemistry/physics teacher, who recently quit a high-paying yet boring job to become a teacher, spoke up.
"I've just been asked to help coach the baseball team. They heard that I watched baseball on the weekends, and they gave me the job."
The department head, a very dedicated educator and a bit of a cynic when it comes to how education is done here, responded,
"Congratulations! Now you're indispensable!"


Cougarg said...

I wondered about getting into coaching. It's one of those things like race car driving that I never understood how people break into it. Wouldn't that be something if that other teacher ended up being really good at coaching?

Brent said...

So will you be the next basketball coach?

By the way what school are you at? I would like to judge your school by how cool the mascot looks.