Sunday, November 11, 2007

American Flag in the chapel

So in church today, right up front and center, hung an enormous American flag. For Veteran's Day, I assume. They also hung it up for our first day in the new ward (for July 4th).
In a church that doesn't allow any pictures in the chapel, I find an American flag a bit disturbing. April agrees that it's a bit "iffy". Any comments? Thoughts? Ever seen this done before?


Cougarg said...

Front and center? I don't think I would mind at all if it was off to the side on those days. I can see what you mean about having no images mounted in the chapel. I've heard that the beautiful stained glass of older chapels has been removed. But on special occasions I have seen pictures on easels in the chapel. I don't find it disturbing, we do have patriotic Hymns after all. If there is anything wrong with it, I'd say it was inappropriate. I think 'Disturbing' is too strong a word, at least from what was described.

Cougarg said...

Thinking a bit more on it, if it was so large as to dominate people's thoughts, replacing what we should be thinking about in Sacrament Meeting, it would definately be inappropriate. I mean, I have a hard enough time thinking about what I should Sacrament Meeting as it is, without any help.

Tim said...

Yep. Front and center and HUGE.