Saturday, February 23, 2008

LSAT score

So I got my LSAT score yesterday.
161, or in the 84th percentile.
On the practice exams, I got everywhere from 158 to 168, with 164 (90th percentile) as an average. In fact, I got a 164 two or three times on the practice exams.
I was nervous taking the real test, though, and I couldn't think straight. So I'm happy that I got in the 160s. I was fearing a score in the 150's.
It's funny that on such a big test, three questions can bump you from a 90th percentile to a 84th percentile.
Anyway, I'm still happy I didn't bomb it.
The schools I have the best chance of getting into are in Oregon and Washington, so it looks like I might be heading back to the west coast.
Wish me luck as law schools decide whether to accept me or not...


Cougarg said...

That's great Tim! The northwest is beautiful and green, albeit a bit wet. And if you end up at UW then you'll be close to Wood & Woodine. Good luck!

Woodine said...

Congratulations! I agree, the northwest is a great place to be!!

Anonymous said...

Elle Woods got a 179 in Legally Blonde. Where does that leave you?

Cougarg said...

That tells me that anything can happen in a fictional world.

Tim said...

That leaves me...not going to Stanford or Yale or Harvard.
But I'm fine with that.