Monday, March 10, 2008

Salt Lake for Easter

April and I are planning on coming to Salt Lake for Easter.
I get the Friday before off (although Thursday night I have to stay extra late at work for Parent-Teacher conferences, and since I'm in the middle of the big evolution unit in all five of my biology classes, that should be fun...)
So we'll drive down Friday morning.
The week after Easter, I have off.
Unfortunately, April works graveyards that week, starting Sunday night.
We're pretty sure she'll be able to get Sunday night off (she filled in for someone else this last Saturday night, and so he owes her a night's work). So we'll probably be able to stay in Salt Lake until Monday.
Our plans? Spend time with friends and family, celebrate Easter and my birthday, visit a law school or two (although my chances of being accepted to either Utah school are fairly low--they're both excellent schools that place a very high emphasis on the first undergraduate GPA, which is my weakness).
Speaking of law schools, I should be hearing back within two or three weeks from some of them.
My LSAT is fairly good, and it's been a while since I graduated from BYU, so that should help. I also have experience in medicine and education, and a strong second GPA (3.75 at UVSC, and that includes a bunch of difficult science classes). So hopefully I'll have a couple of decent options (I've applied to at least ten schools so far).
Anyway, we're hoping to meet up with some of you. Let us know if you'll be around, and we'll stop by to say hi.

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alison said...

I can imagine how "fun" being the teacher at a parent-teacher conference would be following a unit on evolution...
Are parent-teacher conferences weird? (They are for me!)