Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie reviews

I checked out three movies from the library today--Solaris, The Fountain, and Disturbia.
And then I looked up reviews on and Rotten Tomatoes. I refuse to waste time on movies that get poor ratings.
Ratings for The Fountain were very mixed. One of the negative reviews from Rotten Tomatoes:
"Ambitious? You bet, but also a towering, tumultuous folly. It's the movie equivalent of a prog-rock double album, short on humour, long on pomposity, and as for what it all means - you might well ask."

I'm sold. I'm definitely going to have to watch this.

Some prog-rock double albums I own:
Pink Floyd--The Wall
Genesis--Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Dream Theater--Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Neal Morse--Testimony
Spock's Beard--Snow
Ayreon--Into the Electric Castle
Ayreon--The Human Equation
And possibly more...


Brightonwoman said...

I really like Hugh Jackman...and I REALLY disliked the Fountain. If I could compare it to anything, I would say it reminded me of "2001" in that it was all over the place...and I guess it was supposed to have some deeper message (which I usually like), but in this case all it really gave me was a headache.

John Robinson said...

If I ever see a movie described as "like that Israeli Goa Trance import you heard looped in the stingy basement of a nerd store" I'd probably want to go see it too.

Cougarg said...

Still like to drive to trance-techno John? I'll never understand it, but hey, you are still alive, so whatever works...