Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'm blogging from a bed and breakfast. April's still sleeping. The building we're in dates back to 1830. Just a one night deal, and we got a last-minute deal on it. A classy living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. And a supposedly wonderful breakfast this morning. Top-quality. A get-away before the baby comes. Bed and breakfasts are so much better than hotels.
We were going to drive to a German restaurant (I have a good coupon) for dinner, but an ice storm led to closed-down freeways, and we ended up going to a good but over-priced restaurant close to the bed and breakfast.
Hopefully the ice will melt and the freeways will open today so we can get back home.
Merry Christmas!
And Happy Holidays!


Katrina said...

Glad you didn't have any kind of accident out there last night! Kirk was out and about during all that iciness and said it was quite the adventure; not the type I would like. Enjoy the rest of your "babymoon"!

Cougarg said...

maybe you'll get stuck in that small town and have to relive Christmas Eve over and over! Whoops, wrong holiday...

Merry Christmas! Drive safe out there!