Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good books, crappy actors

Two movies based on excellent books have come out recently: Race to Witch Mountain (I loved the books as a kid) and Inkheart (juvenile fiction, but also some of the best fantasy out there). The problem with the movies (neither of which I've seen): they both star crappy actors.
Witch Mountain stars Dwayne Johnson (also known as "The Rock"). Inkheart starts Brendan Fraser (the guy from The Mummy). With so many quality actors out there, why do they pick these guys?
Oh well. I'll probably end up watching these movies eventually. But instead of seeing them in the theater, I'll borrow a copy from the nearby library. And I'll go read the third book of the Inkheart series. (Did I mention that I really like Inkheart--the book?)
Also, new baby pictures at the other blog, if you're interested.


caron said...

I saw Inkheart, it was nice but it didn't grab me. The library is the way to go. But I heard that the people who liked the book hate the movie more than normal, so be careful. :) I totally agree with the actor thing. I am not a fan of Brenden Frasier, and wished that someone else could have been in there. (PS, I didn't read the book. I though about it, but read some poor reviews and decided against it. But if you really think it's good, I'll trust you)
The only thing I've seen the Rock in is XXX, but he was well cast. If I see it I'll let you know how it goes.

Tim said...

Thanks for the comment.
Inkheart's good (the book, that is).
Not Lord of the Rings good. But I'd put it somewhere around Harry Potter good (I liked it a little more, most people will probably like it a little less).
Go read it. It's the best new stuff I've read for a while.

the masked mallard said...

Yeah, the Inkheart movie was not all that good. I think the writing bothered me as much as the actors, but it makes sense that if the producers have aimed low with one area, they've liked aimed low in another. I'm glad to hear that the book has some merit.