Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alternative Plans

Had I not gotten this job exactly when I did, I would have accepted a part-time, very flexible volunteer position (offered to me one day after Burg Simpson offered me a job), and April, Peter, and I would be in Utah right now.
This job, however, was too good to pass up.
And I don't regret buying the plane tickets (which went unused) either. Sometimes good decisions turn out badly. Such is life.
I'm finishing my lunch break at work. I'm 20 stories up, with a fantastic view of the Ohio River and green Kentucky from my office. Towering cranes work on a construction project, on the Ohio side of the river, below me. An interesting artsy building (perhaps the Cincinnati Museum, I'm not sure) is to the right of the construction work. Ships, many pulling coal and other various items, sometimes go by. It may be the best office view I'll ever have.

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Katrina said...

Way to look at the positives! I'm so glad you've been so blessed in getting this job.