Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blog help?

We're planning a church site/Montreal (and maybe Quebec) trip for May--we're both very excited about it.
Meanwhile, I keep on getting spam comments on this blog. They usually pop up at just one or two posts I've made. Any ideas on how to get rid of those comments? I know I can delete them, but that's getting old--there needs to be an easier way. I don't want to restrict access or make it a bigger pain to comment. I wish I could restrict comments on just those posts (other blogs have the ability to halt comments on one post at a time, but I don't think blogger is quite that advanced). The only thing I can figure out is to delete the posts that get the spam, and then repost them.
Any better ideas?
If you see any posts here in the next few days that seem familiar, it's just because I deleted the original and then re-posted it. I hope that works...


Brentwell said...

There are two things that come to mind. You can add "word verification" to comments or you can approve every comment. Word verification may be the simplest approach, but is not guaranteed to work.

Tim said...

Don't want to make it a pain to comment, so no word verification. I hate doing that on other people's blogs.
Approving every comment is a better idea, especially if I'm online a lot, as comments get sent to my email. I'll probably end up doing that if the problem gets worse. Still, though, that's a pain too. I'd rather eliminate spam entirely (or almost entirely). Looks like I'll be deleting and reposting, and have those one or two posts don't become a target for spammers again.

Mommy Bee said...

You can go into 'edit post' on just that post, and you can open the additional options at the bottom of the compose area, and there is a place to close comments.

Tim said...

Sweet! Much better. Thank you!
Guess blogger is better than I had thought.