Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is a billboard seen going south from our place towards downtown Cincinnati. Apparently, the good folks at the Creation Museum in Kentucky believe that dinosaurs breathed fire, despite a total lack of evidence for that belief. I know that the Creation Museum lacks evidence for many (most, all?) of its claims (people riding on dinosaurs Flintstone-style, etc.) but claims of a fire-breathing dragon surprise even me.

Or it might not even be a belief--it could just be that dragons (as well as dinosaurs) sell. And at $22 admission, and over a million visitors since it opened three years ago, it's apparently working.


Tim said...

It's true that the Bible mentions dragons. In Revelations. As being the devil. No mention of them being fire-breathing. Wonder if the Creation Museum realizes they're putting up a picture of the devil on a billboard?

Jay said...

Reminds me of a comment someone made at LTUE a couple of years back. Apparently this person's ten-year-old daughter had recently learned that dragons were fictitious. Her parents were such avid fantasy fans, and talked so specifically about different types of dragons and such that the poor girl never realized that they didn't exist.