Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hulu update

Warehouse 13: horrific. It's got to be pretty bad if I can't manage to finish the first episode. Take Adam Sandler's worst movie and turn it into sci-fi. Yech.
Grade: F.

Persons Unknown: OK. People who like dark might like it--it feels more horror than sci-fi. I don't really recommend it, but I won't discourage anyone from watching it either.
Grade: C.

Day Break: awesome. Just 13 episodes (like Firefly, it was canceled mid-season). Pretty much a cop/mystery show with a sci-fi twist. Very intense (definitely a PG-13), with some great characters and some great actors. It ties up fairly well at the end (in other words, it does in 13 episodes what Lost couldn't do in 121). And yes, Adam Baldwin plays himself, as he does in every TV show he's in. Grade: A-.


Tim said...

Okay, maybe I'll start watching Day Break a second time and knock it down to a B+. However, other than "Justified," it's better than anything else currently playing (that I know of).

Amber said...

Have you watched any Chuck? It too has Adam Baldwin playing the same basic character he always seems to get. Most of the characters are very likable, and the writing is very sharp I think. It is a little over the top and funny. Amber and I like it quite a bit. You have to dig to find some episodes free online, but it can be worth the trouble.

Tim said...

Yeah. I enjoy it--it's my guilty pleasure. The only comedy I currently watch.

Jay said...

The pilot of Warehouse 13 didn't convince me to keep watching. Glad to know my instinct was probably right on.

I'll give Day Break a try next. I tend to do pretty well following your television recommendations (I've been liking Justified pretty well, by the way).

Tim said...

Jay, sounds like you watched more of Warehouse 13 than I did.
Glad to hear you like "Justified." I have no idea where they'll take it next season, but I hope it continues to be good.
I like to think I have good tastes in TV, but I admit I have a weakness for short-lived shows that have just a single sci-fi element in them. "Day Break" is such a show.