Sunday, October 03, 2010

What I'm Watching

Justified--unfortunately not back until January, but my favorite current show. Cop show based in Kentucky--and very smart.

White Collar--also taking a break. FBI agent and a con-artist on a leash solve crime.

Chuck--Goofy fun.

Nikita--a U.S. spy organization goes rogue, and one of their ex-employees starts sabotaging their missions. Just three episodes so far--we'll see if it keeps my attention.

The Event--the first episode plays like the first episode of Flash Forward. This is the only new sci-fi I've seen this season that's decent. I'll keep watching and see where it goes.

Rubicon--slow-moving thriller. I am a fan. Unfortunately, you have to buy to see more than 2 episodes. My favorite new show--and I'll probably actually end up buying it. Second only to "Justified" for my favorite current TV.

Recommendations: watch the first 2 episodes of Rubicon. And then watch Justified when it comes back on.

Any other recommendations?


Mommy Bee said...

We've just started watching Dollhouse on netflix streaming. I don't recall whether you've watched that before or not, but ya gotta love Joss Whedon. :)

Tim said...

It's not bad, but it's my least favorite of his four series. (Firefly is first, of course, followed by Angel, then Buffy, then Dollhouse).

I actually haven't seen all the episodes of Dollhouse. Maybe someday when we get Netflix...(and maybe then I'll be able to finish watching Rubicon too).