Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best free online place to store pictures

We store our pictures on our PC, and sometimes I'll copy those pictures to a CD. However, I've decided I need an easier way to provide backup in case our PC crashes. What's the best online place to do this? (I'm thinking along the lines of Flickr, etc.)

What I'm looking for:

1. Easy copying (we use a Kodak software, and it would be great if I could copy whole folders of pictures).

2. Reliability

3. No degradation of picture quality (so, for example, if we upgrade to a better camera with more megapixels, I want to be able to save that same quality online).

Any recommendations?


JorgenMan said...

I just started using Carbonite. It does backup of all your files, for $55/year. There are other similar services - BackBlaze, SafeSync, etc.

Becca said...

We use Mozy. It also backups all our files. My favorite part is that we just set up routine backups, so I don't have to remember how long it's been since I've backed up, etc. You can customize how often you want it to back up.

Tim said...

Mozy it is then. We're too poor to afford a different service, and we don't have a whole lot to back up, so Mozy works great.

I was kind of hoping for a free photo service where others could enter a password and look at everything you posted--but all of those I could find held a very limited number of pictures. So Mozy's the next best thing.