Saturday, April 09, 2011

Can a good Mormon be a Democrat Survey

Apparently, less active Utah Mormons are almost twice as likely to believe that a good Mormon can't be a Democrat as are active Mormons. Any ideas on what can explain that? Granted, it would be nice to know sample size on this survey, and it's very limited geographically, but it's still an interesting result.

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Jenni said...

That is interesting, but I do have a thought as to why it might be...
I think it has to do with the black or white/all or nothing attitude. I find that a number of people who leave the church (to whatever degree) do so precisely because they have that all or nothing perspective, and when something comes up that they don't like/can't handle/don't agree with, then they conclude that since they can't do it all then they're gonna do nothing, and they leave.
Those of us who stay in the church are at some point or other going to have to reconcile some stuff. There are historical issues (and even current ones) that are troubling to plenty of people, and if we can't figure out a way to be ok with things, to find a 'grey area' or something, then we're not gonna stay in. But since we are in, then clearly we've found a way to be more adaptable...and I think that goes hand in hand with accepting political diversity too.