Friday, August 19, 2011

What I've been watching

Veronica Mars: available on Hulu. Think Buffy without the vampires and more solo. Or what Nancy Drew would be like in real life. Recommended by Jay, and I really liked it too.

Falling Skies: a sci-fi set in the very near future, following an alien invasion. Spielburg's involved, and it's actually a very professional TV show. There are some pretty significant similarities to John Christopher's Tripods books (anyone else read those as a kid?) A large group does its best to stay alive. It's more character-oriented than action-oriented; action freaks might find it a bit slow (I think the pace is perfect). And one of the actors is Moon Bloodgood, who has a winning streak--all three of the TV shows she's starred in are great (Day Break, Journeyman, and Falling Skies). I think she's a character actor (all of her characters seem to have the same personality), and her three series are all modern-day sci-fi shows, but she does a great job in all of them. I highly recommend this. The last few episodes are available for free on TNT's website.

I gave up on V a long time ago. It had potential, but it failed. I'm starting to give up on White Collar too. It's not as much fun any more.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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