Friday, December 09, 2011

Attorneys aren't really that smart and other observations

I've done a little work for a local attorney lately. Nice guy. Older (he has great-grandkids). But I've noticed a couple of interesting things.

First, a client of his is convinced everyone close to her is out to get her, and he buys into her conspiracy theory. I think he's starting to realize he'll need a lot more evidence if he wants to present it in court, but I'm a bit surprised to see him hoodwinked by it. I've seen other attorneys forgo rationality when siding with a client, but not at this level.

Second, he asked me if I was LDS and said that I'd need to be to be successful in this part of the state. It might be true, but it's a distasteful reality if it is.

Third, he started talking to me about immigration. Let's just say that he heeds Fox News instead of the LDS church on this issue (which nobody blinks an eye at, even though not being LDS is a big stigma here). I countered by discussing my experience in Cincinnati as EQP working with illegal immigrants (throwing in my Mormon creds while disagreeing with his politics, to try to balance the argument out). He showed me a part of the Constitution that he believes allows states to throw out illegal immigrants without federal support, and I thought about it and told him that I doubt a federal court would interpret "invasion" as "illegal immigration," and that the founders certainly didn't mean immigration when they used the term "invasion." He said the federal courts wouldn't have a say on the matter, since it's a state matter. He was deadly wrong on that point, but I didn't respond to it. (When there's a question about the Constitution, federal courts are responsible for interpreting the Constitution--and this includes the definition of "invasion.")

In any case, I hope I'm able to stay rational and still find a client base here without listening to Fox News or talk radio. Maybe I should start keeping my moderate political beliefs to myself if I want work (even if they align 100% with the church's stance). This might be a struggle...

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