Saturday, March 10, 2012

Political Contradictions

A couple political contradictions I've noticed this last week:

Calling for lower gas prices and a war with Iran. Ummm--the reason gas prices are higher right now is largely because of the threat of war with Iran. If we actually go to war, watch those prices go up much, much more. You can have lower gas prices, or you can have a war with Iran. You can't have both.

Independent, anti-government-benefit types worrying about the government taking their house after they and their spouse die because of Medicaid costs. (Basically, Medicaid pays for them to be in a nursing home, but once both spouses are dead, Medicaid will want to be paid back, and instead of their kids getting the house, the government will). A lot of people really don't get it--Medicaid and Medicare are just as much government benefits as food stamps. The paltry amount you paid into it doesn't begin to pay for it. If you use government benefits and you have the means to pay for, the government will take its payment.

That is all.

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