Sunday, September 23, 2012

Has TV really gotten worse?

Quantum Leap: A TV series about a man who travels in time.  The first season was in 1989.

Journeyman: A TV series about a man who travels in time.  First (and only) season was in 2007, and it's based in San Francisco.

Which is more family friendly?

I watched a couple of episodes of Quantum Leap because I liked Journeyman and I'd heard that Quantum Leap was similar.  I wasn't terribly impressed by the quality of the show.  But what surprised me the most was how un-family-friendly the show was.  Journeyman was something you could actually watch as a family.  The supporting actor in Quantum Leap has a sex addiction, and various episodes (I only watch a couple) feature a stripper, a female streaker, a professor who has sex with students, get the idea.

Don't be under the false illusion that older TV is family friendly and newer TV isn't.  It's not true.

By the way, you can check out Journeyman on Hulu for free.  I'd say it's probably a PG.

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