Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cut the Lines

The music spoke to me again
Spoke of sorrow and despair
The music spoke to me again
Said you watch out, said you beware
The stranger greeted me once more
Words of warning eyes of gold
Told me to watch my step in time
Told me to walk a finer line
Told me my ways were wrong again
Told me I needed to begin

Cut the lines, leave the past
Don't regret the life you led
Cut the lines, forge anew
Make a new attempt he said
But I'm alone, I said to him
He looked at me, gleam in his eyes
You're not alone, you're not alone
I knew inside he could not lie
So start again, just start anew
There's so much here for you to do
Don't let your past control the now
Don't let old loves linger somehow
Time to move on, to start again begin
Another day
Another page
Another start
Another phase
Another life
Another love
Another time
Time to move on

She wasn't right for you you know
I nodded in defeat
She wasn't her, the one you seek
I nodded in defeat
So find her now, begin again
She's out there waiting for a friend
And you're here mourning for the past
The future will be better...

Forget the past the time is now
To leave your mark
To seize the day
You're better than you think you are
You're stronger still than what they say
Show them the man you really are
Show them what you have become
They only hold back 'cause they don't know
The man you are, the time you've done

I realized then just who he was
As he disappeared from sight
I took his words into my heart
I knew that what he said was right
Just seize the day, begin anew
Cut the lines leave them behind
There's more for me if I'll just take
The future in my hands...
I understand.

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