Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tired of Waiting

Waiting. I'm tired of waiting
It's trying my patience
While my sanity takes the back door
Working. I'm tired of working
Tired of watching
While others reap the reward

So give me something I've been working for
A chance, an opening, a foot in the door
Some success after all this time
A touch of luck, a bit of the divine

There's a hole in my heart
A dark spot on my soul
An emptiness in my arms
And I just don't know
If I can take being alone

Another date last night, another failure
No sign of anything, let alone chemistry
'Nother nice girl, another tragedy
Bundled up in this farce reality


Give me a lucky break...
A girl I can take...
Past the first same old date.

Think I've finally found one
Smart and beautiful
Seems to like me
Makes me feel comfortable
Been callin' all week
Just can't get a hold of her
Has plans every night
And it feels like the cold shoulder
I don't know what to do
What do I haf' to prove?

(Chorus--repeat first 4 lines/overlap vocals, strong ending with last 2 lines of chorus)

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