Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clarifications and Updates

The girl situation is resolved as of about 10 days ago. I sat down with Lisa, who's an old friend, and who I'd been going on regular dates with for a couple of months. Great friend, no chemistry. And we mutually broke things off (although I don't think things were really ever 'on' to begin with). I felt bad, and I know she took it harder than I did, but it had to be done. I stopped by a couple of days later to say hi, and we're still friends.
Right after that talk with Lisa, I went out with April, who I've been going on regular dates with for a few weeks (minus Christmas vacation). And, ya...lets just say that things are going well, we're now going on a couple of dates a week together, and I am definitely a one-woman man right now. And, most amazing of all, she's interested in me. She's quickly become my best my friend, and is exactly what I need.

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