Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vote for Obama

Elections are coming soon...oh. Wait a minute. Fall of 2008 is still a long ways off. But candidates are gearing up for it already.
On the right, you've got a Mormon, a pro-choicer, a "I used to have a brain but now I just do what I'm told", and a "I'm an adulterer and a hypocrite, but I've repented". As much as I'd like to see Romney in office, I don't think it's going to happen. And really, I don't think any of these others stand much of a chance either. McCain maybe. It's too bad he's changed his independent, maverick ways, and that he now bows to the almighty religious right.
On the left, you've got two main contenders (although Gore may soon be joining them). You've got the most evil woman ever (well, next to Ann Coulter, that is), and you've got Obama. He's not leading the polls, but he's got several things going for him:

1. He's intelligent.
2. He's charismatic.
3. He's young.
4. He's not a Bush or a Clinton (and we'll have had twenty years of those before the next election).
5. He voted against the war in Iraq (and almost prophetically predicted problems we'd have there).
6. He's a good family man.
7. He's genuine.

I hope the Democrats are smart enough to realize that Obama is much more likely to win swing votes than Clinton. And I really hope we don't have to choose between Hillary and Newt, or Hillary and John, or Hillary and Rudy. I want to vote for someone I respect.

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