Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Orson finally makes some sense

Orson Scott Card's reviews are often good (just see what he has to say about "Game of Thrones", and you'll see what I mean). His politics and his essays, though...
He still believes global warming's a hoax.
He still believes the war in Iraq is justifiable.
He believes "intelligent design" is good science.
I'd despaired of ever reading anything worthwhile in his "World Watch" column...until today.
Check the link out. Some good stuff (with the exception of one small paragraph about global warming).
Think about his ideas, listen to Rush's "Subdivisions" (one of the greatest songs ever made), and take a trip to Europe to check out how much better their system works.
Then take that long drive home from work.
Thanks, Orson. Meanwhile, as we wait for your ideas to change America, I think I'll start looking for work in Switzerland.


Tim said...

Just click on the title to link to the article...

the masked mallard said...

Card's essays either strike right on for me, or seem clear out in left field (or right field, maybe?). I do appreciate that he is thoughtful about whatever stance he's taken on whatever issue, that he doesn't just blindly commit himself to one side in America's bipartisan tug-of-war.

I don't think we can ever expect that all people will unite under one worldview. I do think we could all get by relatively well if people were more mindful of the assumptions they make within their own paradigms—we all make assumptions somewhere—and if they remained open to the possibility that other opinions might be as valid (perhaps even more valid) than our own.