Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan is dead

We knew he was sick. As his "Wheel of Time" series kept growing, some started worrying if he'd ever finish it.
It's a sad day for many of us.
I read the first few books; I've always said I'd wait to read more until he finished the series. Guess that day will never come.


Cougarg said...

There is talk that he made arrangements for someone to finish things for him in case he didn't make it. Christopher Tolkien and the son of Frank Herbert have continued their father's work, going from extensive notes, outlines, and unfinished manuscripts. I think Jordan's wife was the one he was looking to in this case. Atleast, that's what I've heard.

JorgenMan said...

Yes, I've read that before he died, he made his wishes known concerning the plot of final book, so someone else (actually, I've heard it may be a team of writers) could write it if he could not.

It is sad that he won't be able to write it himself, though, because I thought he was really back in his groove in book 11. I thought that one was very exciting, and had the feel of some of the earlier ones.