Friday, July 11, 2008


April and I have seen a few movies lately, and are looking forward to seeing a few more.
Iron Man was good. Not incredible, but still good enough that I'd eventually like to own the DVD. Grade: B+
Horton Hears a Who was very good (surprisingly). Go and see it. Grade: A-
Indiana Jones was decent. I can't categorize it as the worst Indiana Jones movie, but I certainly can't call it the best. It's fun, but there were numerous logical gaps that sometimes made it difficult for me to suspend my disbelief. Grade: B-
Any other recommendations?
I'm looking forward to seeing Hellboy II, Hancock, Get Smart, The Incredible Hulk, WALL-E, and Kung Fu Panda. The trailers for the two cartoons look dorky...but they've got good reviews (and I remember the trailer for Horton Hears a Who being equally dumb). What is it with cartoons getting dorky trailers?
In any case, it looks like Hellboy II is getting a lot of positive attention from the critics. Kind of an artsy comic book movie. I remember watching the first Hellboy in the theater with friends...great times. Now I need to convince April to watch the first one with me, and then convince her she needs to see Hellboy II in the theater...
What movies are you looking forward to? What would you recommend this summer?


alison said...

I watched WALL-E with my 3 year old, and we enjoyed it immensely! Though I'm not sure what I wold have thought about it without him there. He sort of changes my perspective on things. :)

caron said...

I'm not informed. Sorry. I would have given Indiana Jones a lower grade, though, because it was beyond ridiculous in some areas. They relied on computers too much. For example: the monkey scene had me just shaking my head. And the end, but I won't get into that.
I have heard that Wall-e has a green message of some sort that some people find cute and some find completely repulsive. But I'm not sure if it's as staggeringly obvious as, say, Happy Feet. And I have heard good reviews about Kungfu Panda. I am planning on seeing both soon.
I'm a total, dork, but the biggest ones that I'm looking forward to coming up are Harry Potter and Twilight. But that isn't until the end of the year, and I don't even want to think about how soon that is going to be here.

Tim said...

Eric Snider has some words to say about the "green" message in WALL-E.
I quote, "The message -- are you ready for it? -- is this:It is plausible to think that if we continue to produce the same amount of non-biodegradable, un-recycled packaging, products, and debris that we currently produce, we will eventually fill the planet with so much litter that life on Earth will be unsustainable.
That's all. The movie does NOT add "... so that means we need the government to regulate production." It does not add "... so we need to close down all the factories and live like hippies in the mountains." It also doesn't add "... so all those conservative jerks are wrong" or "... so vote for Al Gore." "
My guess is people will be offended by the biblical references in the story too (which are, if anything, stronger than the environmental message). I guess if you are easily offended by things like that, you shouldn't see the movie (or vote, or things like that).

the masked mallard said...

I think Eric Snider hits it right on ... Wall-E did not seem to me to be preaching about environmentalism. The end of sustainable life on Earth was more about the historical context of the story than it was about the actual story or its moral (which was more along the lines of finding friendship and love or overcoming the fear of doing hard things). To me, the far more sensitive issue in the movie was portrayal of widespread, extreme obesity.

This summer I'm most looking forward to Batman. I liked The Incredible Hulk though not quite as much as Iron Man. I plan to see Hellboy, although I want to finish reading the graphic novels I borrowed from a friend, and maybe see the first film before checking out the sequel.

I'm surprised, Tim, that the new X-Files movie (25 July) wasn't on your list.

Tim said...

OK, so I just mentioned movies that are already out.
Batman is definitely one I'm looking forward to.
Also looking forward to X-Files, as it and Firefly share my first place award for best TV series ever. However, I'm fairly certain the movie will be about the main plot--the alien stuff--and that was never my favorite part about the TV show. I prefer the regular, weird-case episodes that have nothing to do with aliens.

Cougarg said...

Actually, Tim, the X-files movies is not going to be show mythology, aliens and government conspiracy. At least that is what the reports I read say. So it should be right up your alley. And TDK? oh, I'm excited!

Tim said...

Well, then April and I (both X-files fans) are definitely excited for it. Although, because we're cheap, we might wait until it reaches the cheaper theaters...