Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rock music and the gospel

There's a post at that I found quite interesting.
The sister missionary in our MTC district (who ended up going to the same mission as I did) was also of the opinion that rock music was of the devil. Interestingly enough, she was also the most troubled missionary I ever met. I have a great respect for my MTC missionary companion, the only other missionary from that MTC district who went to our mission. Why? I never once heard anyone tell horror stories about this particular sister in the MTC--and believe me, there were stories to tell. In other words, he had great gossip to share, and he kept his mouth shut.
I did hear some about how she was in the mission, and it was bad (although not as bad as the MTC stuff...)
Anyway, my point is...rock music (even some hard rock or metal) can be good, and even uplifting and inspiring, and those who deny this (besides sometimes having deep psychological problems) may be a contributing factor at driving people away from the church.
I consider myself lucky to have good role-models inside the church who still love rock music (thanks Dad).


Tim said...

By the way, I want to add that I have a great respect for sister missionaries. My mission president didn't let me go near them for the first half of my mission, but I got to know quite a few the last half...and they were all upstanding, impressive missionaries.
However, I am also of the opinion that this one particular sister was the most troubled missionary in our mission.

Cougarg said...

I've encountered a wide spectrum of sister missionaries, and it was just as wide a spectrum as the elders I've encountered. When people accuse missionaries of being automatons, I know differently, for good and for bad.

Every medium or tool can be used for bad or for good. I have an old friend who is a musician and film maker. He is truly talented, and his song-writing has great power. He writes more for piano and acoustic guitar in his solo stuff, his style is not heavy. Unfortunately, he uses his talent as a weapon. I like his sound, but after listening to his music for a while, I could pick out his lyrics, and it made me question my faith, and not in a good way. Soft songs are not inherently good,and heavy music is not inherently bad.

Woodine said...
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Woodine said...
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