Sunday, October 05, 2008

Spotted on Deseret News website

If you're kid komes hear, she'll spel as good as us!


Cougarg said...

I had to look several times before I found the problem with that ad. Which is surprising, I usually catch that kind of stuff.

JorgenMan said...

That reminds me of a license plate frame I saw in downtown SLC:

"My child is an honer student at St. Marks/Rowland Hall"

Tim said...

Or the very classic:
"Im making history in South Jordan."
Thanks to Brent, janitors at BHS are probably still scraping those stickers off the walls.

caron said...

I have to also admit it took me a minute to find the mistake also. :) I was a little faster on Aaron's. And I totally forgot about the stickers! That was so funny!!

I am also making sure that I spell check this before I post so I don't get ragged on :)

Joella said...

I laughed so hard! This just made my day (even though I looked at it twice before I got it) :)