Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why vote for Obama

No candidate for political office is perfect. But I want to give a quick list of reasons why I like Obama without attacking McCain or McCain's VP pick.
1. He's intelligent. I realize people like to vote for candidates they can relate to, and sometimes smarter candidates are hard to relate to. But I want a candidate that's smarter than me (and one that could beat me on an IQ test).
2. He's level-headed. He thinks carefully before he acts, he doesn't lose his temper, and I can trust him to not make rash decisions.
3. He understands the world. He's lived in various states and foreign countries. He's worked with poor people and gone to school with rich people.
4. He has a deep knowledge of the Constitution. He taught Constitutional Law and understands how the laws of the country work.
5. He will appoint Supreme Court justices that will balance out the Supreme Court. Right now, 7 of the 9 justices were appointed by Republican presidents. Most of the justices are level-headed and fairly moderate, but they definitely lean towards the right, and a few more left-leaning justices would balance the court more evenly.
6. He is well-spoken. He has a good control of the English language, and can be persuasive. The president represents the US to the rest of the world, and so this is an important skill.
7. He's a good family man.
8. He has hope, and he has the ability to spread that hope to others. Hope alone doesn't get you anywhere, but it's the first step towards making things better.
9. He doesn't pretend that changing things for the better will be easy. In the Saddleback Forum, he tells us that it won't be easy; that the problems we have will take effort to fix. This kind of honesty is refreshing in a politician.
10. He grew up middle class. He doesn't have rich or powerful family, and he's risen due to his own efforts. His wife also comes from a similar background. They were never given a free pass because of family connections. Contrast this with the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

Comments are welcome. Especially welcome are reasons why you like a specific candidate (instead of reasons you dislike the other one). I'll accept negative comments, but positive ones are preferred.


Brightonwoman said...

I was leaning very much toward Obama myself until two days ago when I read something deeply disturbing about him. I suspect he will win, and I do believe he will do a good job as president HOWEVER I cannot vote for him with any kind of consience.
I'll be posting more about it on my blog this week, but the short version is that he *actively* opposed the "Born Alive Bill" which says that if a child is born alive, then the doctors should give it medical attention...even if it was born alive as the result of an attempted abortion. Look up the born alive bill--this isn't one of those random email forwards, this is senate records. I am deeply troubled, and find it a MAJOR moral failing in a man I otherwise supported.

KKJ said...

I've known about this for a while now and am also very disturbed by it. (This is part of what led to my posting about abortion on my blog.)

Tim said...

I don't agree with his take on abortion. Of course, I don't agree with Palin's either (which is actually stricter than that of the LDS church).
As far as I can tell, the Born Alive Bill defined "alive" as showing signs of life independent from its mother--even if there's absolutely no chance of it surviving. There are already laws in the books that protect an infant that can survive.
As always, if something sounds a bit unbelievable, it usually is.

Tim said...

By the way, the majority of late-term abortions are done because the health of the mother is at risk, or the fetus itself won't survive.

Brightonwoman said...

The laws already on the books were not passed until 2002--a year after Obamas famous opposition to the IL bill. I've been reading library of congress this week, so yes, I'm sure of my sources.
I've read the text of both the Illinois bill and the federal bill--they are nearly identical. I have also read the transcript of what Obama said in his opposition to the IL bill...I appreciate your link, and will add it to my post. However, I think the facts point toward a man who is SO pro-abortion that he'd rather let babies die than risk potentially limiting abortion...I think that he is now backpedaling a lot and trying to cover for himself in order to not alienate people, but I'm deeply troubled by his initial opposition, regardless of what he sais now. As I said before, I think it is a major moral failing.

For what it's worth, I realize that some of these babies might die anyway, but MANY are babies who probably would live just fine, if given proper medical attention. I address that side of it in my blog post too.
It'll post tomorrow.