Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally found my niche

Grades from last semester (well, except for one) are in.
I did much better than I expected.
I'm surrounded by intelligent law students, many of them English, History, or even pre-Law majors. Many (probably most) just finished their undergraduate degrees, and still remember how to study. Our final grades are determined, for the most part, by just one final exam. Each course is based on a B curve, where anything other than a B+, B, or B- is fairly hard to come by. I'm competing against my fellow students.
I got one poor grade (and I expected that grade).
In the three other classes I have results for, I did significantly better than I expected.
Two of those courses, worth 4 credits each, were graded based solely on a timed final exam composed of what are basically essay questions. The exam I did poorly on was largely based on multiple choice.
I've worked in medicine, science, education. I've spent years searching for something I can enjoy and do well at. Something that challenged me, but didn't overwhelm me.
I've found it.


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Congratulations! I'm glad that you're doing well, and better, that you're enjoying what you're doing.