Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One month to go!

What we know about the baby:
Due date: Feb 14 (although it could be sooner--I was born almost 3 weeks early).
Size: Slightly smaller-than-average head size, slightly longer-than-average limbs. Probably an average weight.
It's a boy.
April does an excellent job of hiding the little guy, probably due to her body type (tall, long torso). Some people at church have just realized within the past month that she's pregnant.
April's mom will fly out after he's born. My parents plan to visit, but probably not until sometime in May or June.
April's planning on quitting work a week before the baby's due. She doesn't get maternity leave (welcome to the US: the only 1st-world country that doesn't offer mandatory maternity leave), so she's relying on vacation days and sick days to keep her insurance through February, and we're relying on savings to get us through her recovery time and beyond. She'll work maybe 10 hours a week once she's feeling up to it (meaning I'll play Mom one day each week). Once summer comes I should be able to find a paying job (low pay, but still some money) that will continue part-time for the next school year. I'll be making less than half as much per hour as she's been making, but it's better than nothing, and a law job will be good experience for me.
We've bought most of the big stuff we need (at a used baby store). We're taking a no-medication birthing class (where we're taught that medication is an option, and not a necessary part of giving birth). Hopefully we'll be able to get a few more weeks of the class in before the baby comes.


JorgenMan said...
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JorgenMan said...

Had to fix my previous comment...

Wow, congratulations! I'm sorry to hear that April doesn't get maternity leave, but it's good that you have family coming to help. You'll be very grateful for that.

Our baby's four months old, now. She smiles when she recognizes us, grabs on to things, and is a lot of fun. I'm very excited for you guys. Having kids is a wonderful blessing; I don't know how we lived without 'em!

As for the class, I'm all for teaching that medication is not a necessary part of giving birth. And if your wife decides to have a "natural" childbirth (that is, without pain medication, not out in the forest), I have nothing but admiration for her. Just don't get sucked into the mindset that if she uses pain medication, she's "failed", or she won't have a strong of a bond with the baby. I've seen a lot of that opinion, and it's a load of crap. Yes, there are medical risks involved with pain medication, especially an epidural, that should be understood. But I don't think you can earn a better baby by enduring pain. Sorry, just the obligatory soapbox.

So, any names picked out yet? Just be careful - we changed our son's name at the last minute, and I ended up calling him the wrong name for the first three weeks of his life!

Tim said...

No worry about the pain medication thing. You're talking to a biology major who's worked in health care and has no problems with modern medicine.
The teacher of our class is actually very reasonable. You'd thing some hippie anti-meds lady would be teaching the class, but she's very open to pain medication.
We're taking the class to prepare for the birth and to know how to deal with it without medications. If the pain of the contractions ends up being too much to bear, my wife's very open to taking meds.
She does want to avoid the side effects of medication, including any complications, possibly prolonged timing, and a fuzzy head. And, having worked in health care, I know that doctors tend to over-prescribe (they make more money that way, and it often makes things easier for them--but it's not always best for the patient).

Mommy Bee said...

If she is interested (or if you are) I've written on my blog about my experience with an unmedicated birth. I think that the mindset going in makes a huge difference. I never said it would be 'painless' but i always thought about labor in terms of 'work' or 'hard' rather than 'pain'...and yes it was work, and for a while there it was HARD, but like my blog says, there were only a few seconds where I actually thought "this hurts like crazy" and then he was out and it was done. :)

One of the things that helped me most in labor was to know (and be reminded) that each individual contraction only lasts a minute. Dave just kept telling me "you can do anything for one minute" and I could, and then I'd get a break before the next one. At the very end I was wiped out and literally sleeping between contractions--when there are no medications in the way the body is able to give itself breaks like that. One more reason I advocate unmedicated birthing. ☺

Have you considered or looked into cloth diapering? It is a LOT cheaper, and not so complicated (you've probably seen my sister's?) If you do go that route, let me know and i'd love to send you a couple as gifts. ☺