Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Update

Still no baby. April was due on Valentine's Day...fortunately, our little boy won't have to celebrate his birthday on the love holiday. Unfortunately, he's taking his sweet time coming. He also missed his mother's birthday, his grandmother's birthday, and the 200th birthday of the two greats--Lincoln and Darwin.
April's going in for a doctor's visit Monday, and I'm thinking the baby will be here by Wednesday, at the latest.


Brasileira said...

I've been checking back every day. Thanks for the update. Remember that first time moms actually have an average gestation of 41 weeks, not the traditional 40 weeks. I hope your doctor doesn't push the "induction seduction" and that you guys can have a natural birth real soon!

Mommy Bee said...

There are a number of things that can help labor start without actually inducing it if it's not ready)
evening primrose oil is a popular one
make a batch of scrambled eggs with castor oil (that gets everything down there going, so stay at home!)
Marital relations are the most fun (semen has hormones similar to pitocin)
she might also consider asking the doctor to 'strip the membranes' which involves poking at the amniotic sack and sortof harassing it which apparently helps get things moving. It won't force labor to start like an induction will, but I've heard that it helps...Katrina had it done with her first so you could ask her about it.

Woodine said...

Poor April - every day over is another day that you're thinking today? today? please baby! puhleeeze!!!

I was induced (which went very well for me, but isn't for everyone I understand) but besides the above mentioned ideas (which are good ones) you can try raspberry leaf tea (up to 3 cups a day I believe) and exercise. So really I don't have any great ideas to add but I feel for April and hope that little guy shows up soon!

alison said...

Just to let you know, stripping the membrane IS NOT FUN. Hopefully your baby comes soon!

Mommy Bee said...

Ah yes, red raspberry leaf is GREAT for pregnancy, and while it may not induce per se, it is an excellent uterine toner.

Also, I should have mentioned--have you talked to the little guy? Tell him you're ready for him. Encourage him to come on out...labor involves the child as well as the mother, and I do believe that my little guy came at 39 weeks because I'd been telling him for 2 weeks that I was ready for him anytime...