Friday, February 06, 2009

Girls and jerks

Warning: Movie spoilers for "Becoming Jane" in this first paragraph:

A few months ago April and I watched "Becoming Jane." It's pretty good, for a chick flick, and, best of all, it has a happy ending. Like most modern chick flicks, the main man is a jerk. Girls who watch the movie may be too preoccupied with his looks to notice that fact, but it is still a fact. He is a total jerk. Anyway, the spoiler: he doesn't get the girl. Awesome! Finally, a chick flick with a happy ending!

Is this just a chick flick thing? Or is this a reality thing too? And why do so many girls (in movies and in life) fall for jerks?
Finally, a short comedy routine about this subject: Dwayne Perkins. (Play the movie.)


John Robinson said...

A further exploration of this topic from my favorite web comic.

JorgenMan said...

I'm afraid that in my experience, it's frequently true in real life. It's not just the great-looking jerks, either. There must be something about a jerk that is more attractive than a "nice guy". Maybe nice guys seem like wimps. Who knows. Of course, you're unlikely to find a girl who will admit to this phenomenon, so good luck on getting an insider opinion. :)

alison said...

If it's not just in movies, here's another question, then:
Why are so many men jerks?

I can't answer that one. I can say from my own experience that zero of the guys I dated were jerks.

So, maybe girls date jerks in movies to give an easy, more well-rounded personality to rather shallow characters? Just a thought.

caron said...

John, that was funny. :)

I don't know, I don't think of people I've dated as jerks, but if I look back on things, they did some jerky things sometimes. But they had so many other nice guy qualities and it happened so few times I was willing to pass off the jerk moments as anomolies. And maybe one can be eased into writing everything off as an anomoly if done with enough charm.
I still say I have always gone for the nice guys. Not every nice guy, because there is more to it than that. But I digress.