Saturday, April 04, 2009

New General Authorities

My favorite religion professor at BYU, Matthew Richardson, is the new second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency.
He taught a marriage and family class--he made it very applicable and interesting. He struck me as being an intelligent, wise man.
I remember him telling us to attend a particular science lecture on conservation and stewardship of the Earth.
I just took a quick look at my notes from that class (well worth saving) and I have penned in there that he's a Styx fan.
Guess Sister X in the MTC was wrong...rock 'n roll isn't all satanic. :)
Any other comments about general conference or the new people called to leadership positions?


Brasileira said...

I took two classes from Matthew O Richardson. Obviously, I liked his class so much that I chose to take a second. The two were "Teachings of the Living Prophets" and "Celestial Marriage and Family." I hope we get to hear him speak in General Conference!

Elder Neal L Anderson served in the area presidency in Brazil while I was there serving a mission, and I got to hear him speak there in Portuguese. Ever since then, when I hear him speak in Conference, I remember hearing him speak in that soccer stadium in the pouring rain...

Tim said...

President Monson mentioned Karlsruhe, a German city I served in for six months. I bet the ward there was excited to hear their city's name.