Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hulu recommendations

Recommended for viewing on Hulu:
1. The first 3 seasons of Buffy. Fun times.
2. The first season of Angel. Even better than the first 3 seasons of Buffy (which I certainly wasn't expecting).
3. Journeyman. Never heard of it before, but I looked around for good sci-fi shows on Hulu, and this one had good ratings. More importantly, it's actually good. It's set in 2007, and involves some time travel, and what happens to real life when you inexplicably pop out of the present and into the past. When you're done in the past, you pop back into the present--hours or days later. I liked it more because it's a good show than because it's sci-fi, although the sci-fi element doesn't hurt it. I like that it struggles with the messiness of relationships and work and family, and how they conflict with the time travel. Unfortunately, some of the struggles are solved a bit too easily (perhaps because the writers found out the show would be canceled after just one season, and wanted to wrap up loose ends, or perhaps just a weakness in the storytelling). In any case, despite that one small weakness, I recommend it. And it's not as PG-13 as Buffy or Angel.
I've also watched the first episode of a number of shows I didn't care for (including Pretender and Eureka).
Now, I've got to find a way to borrow the rest of Buffy and Angel...
Any more recommendations for great TV shows?


Cougarg said...

I'm not saying you'll like it, but give Eureka more of a chance. The pilot episode is only ok. They switch out the head of Global Dynamics for a guy that has a great antagonistic chemistry with the Sheriff. The effects are never great, but I've found that I like the quirky little show.

Tim said...

I actually watched the first 8 episodes of Eureka. I guess I never really found myself connecting with or caring about any of the characters. Without that, I have a hard time going back to watch more. I appreciate the plots, but I need characters I both find interesting and I care about. Not to say that it's a bad show (I did watch 8 episodes). It's just not my thing.

alison said...

Well, there goes us recommending Eureka... We also watch Chuck... But that's about it.

Tim said...

Guess my pull to sci-fi isn't as strong as it is for you guys.
Or something.