Thursday, July 02, 2009

Robin Hobb

Now reading (on the bus, because that's the only free time I have these days):
Robin Hobb: Assassin's Apprentice (and the other two books of that series).
It's the second-best fantasy series ever finished (the first being, of course, Lord of the Rings). Really. A good plot, a complex world, real, compelling characters, and great writing style. It's a gem.
I've read it several times. Fortunately my memory's not that great, and so much of it seems new to me.
Any other recommendations? Preferably series that are already finished, so I don't have to go back and re-read everything after the next book comes out?


Katrina said...

Don't know if you'd like them as much as I have, but I just finished devouring the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon. She has been compared to Tolkien, though of course she isn't. But her descriptions, characterization, and everything else I thought were beautiful and compelling.

Cougarg said...

I liked the first book in the Recluse Saga by LE Modesitt, Jr. But then when I read the second book I was really surprised. The series takes place in the same world, but the books aren't written chronologically. Book 2 took place 500 years before book 1, or something like that. I didn't even finish the second book because I was hoping to follow the same characters. But I really really liked the first book: The Magic of Recluse.

JorgenMan said...

Have you read The Hunger Games yet? It's the first in a series, the second of which doesn't come out until this fall (so, it doesn't follow your request), but it's a quick, very fun read.

Tim said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to look into them.