Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Science Music Videos

These music videos give me chills every time I watch them. Yes, I'm still a science nerd. But the wonders of the universe combined with catchy music is too cool to not pass on to you.
Science needs more people like Carl Sagan and Bill Nye. Science needs warm, well-spoken spokespeople. The anti-scientists have plenty of popular spokespeople, and science needs to take time out from all that intensive research, and show the public, in a non-threatening manner, what all that research is about.
Meanwhile, I'm waiting and watching for another series like Cosmos.


Tim said...
As far as vaccines go, the anti-science movement has former Playboy models and their Hollywood actor boyfriends.
Science has, well, scientists and doctors.
In today's world, where lack of expertise is too often seen as a positive things, facts alone can't make up for a lack of celebrities.

Katrina said...


Brentwell said...

Did you ever see "Meet the Elements" by They Might Be Giants? That video was passed around recently and I think goes along with what you are posting here.

JorgenMan said...

Finally got around to watching these. Very cool. I had seen "We Are All Connected" before, and I think that's still my favorite.

As for "Meet the Elements", we've got the "Here Comes Science" CD, and it's pretty good. You can find all the music videos on YouTube.

Tim said...

Glad you like them.