Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gay rights in Utah

Most of you know about the LDS church's take on gay marriage, and the support the church and members of the church gave to Proposition 8 in California.
Meanwhile, in Salt Lake, the city council has been working on a bill that would make discrimination against homosexuals in housing or employment illegal. The First Amendment of the Constitution pretty much protects religions already (in other words, they LDS church does not have to hire or house those who practice homosexuality, or even those who are homosexual who don't practice homosexuality--although they do hire and house the latter). But the proposed bill would mean that non-religious entities would not be able to discriminate.
Many of the conservative politicians (especially the extremists) in Utah have voiced disapproval about the proposed bill.
Yesterday, the church came out in support of the Salt Lake bill. The official statement is here.
In my opinion, the church has reached a happy medium here--protecting homosexuals from discrimination while protecting marriage. It's relatively rare for the church to make new official political statements, so I'd encourage you to look this one up and read it.

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Tim said...

And a classic political cartoon from one of the greatest political cartoonists of our day (yes, Bagley offends sometimes--he wouldn't be much of a political cartoonist if he didn't). The mayor of SL is on the left, and an obnoxious ultra-conservative politician is on the right. Enjoy.
(Note--the website might change, so you might have to go to the archives to find it).