Saturday, December 05, 2009


New favorite show:
Chuck is a mild-mannered Buy More employee who, as part of the Nerd Herd team, fixes electronics, who went to Stanford but never graduated and who lives with his sister and her fiance--until someone downloads government secrets into his brain. Then, he becomes a government spy, and his old life becomes his cover.
Firefly fans will enjoy the presence of Adam Baldwin, who plays a supporting role.
Chuck's a little bit like the movie "Get Smart." Funny, exciting, and definitely (intentionally) goofy.
Plus, prominently featuring Mr. Roboto (Styx) and Tom Sawyer (Rush) doesn't hurt. Both songs end up saving the day.
Check it out. Hopefully your library system is decent enough to offer the first season (my library, unfortunately, is not). Definitely my favorite comedy.


Tim said...

Also, check Hulu for the first season (they may have it, or they may provide a link for it). I don't actually watch TV--I just watch TV shows on Hulu.

Cougarg said...

I started watching V from ABC. There's only 4 episodes so far, but I'm intrigued. Stars Morena Baccarin (Firefly's Inara) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost's Juliet). It also guest stars Alan Tudyk (Firefly's Wash).

There are some good moments so far.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma though. While I enjoy seeing actors from my favorite shows getting work and screen time, I also don't like seeing these actors being regurgitated in more sci-fi/fantasy projects. Granted they are playing different characters with different emotions and motivations, showing their versatility and range as actors. But seeing faces I know and love also takes me out of the story a little bit. When describing this show to my wife, I referred to the characters by the actor's previous roles. "In this show Juliet and Wash are partners at the FBI."

Stargate:Atlantis was notorious for this. Not only did it bring up characters from SG-1, but it brought in Skinner from X-Files, The Doctor from ST:Voyager, Kaylee from Firefly, and countless guest stars from other sci-fi projects. I think these shows would benefit from new blood, and so would the actors.

Tim said...

Joss Whedon's lead characters in Angel and Firefly both have their own, non-sci-fi shows.
I agree, seeing Mitchell and Tudyk in other shows throws me off (Tudyk was also in Dollhouse). But I've gotten used to seeing Baldwin in Chuck, so maybe it's just something you get used to. And I do enjoy seeing Firefly actors in a show that lasts a whole season...
Other than a few SG1 episodes, I've never watched all that much of the Stargate franchise, nor much Star Trek other than NG and DS9. But V's definitely looking pretty good, despite being part Lost part Firefly.