Saturday, January 09, 2010

Psycho Mormon Politician

So I was up in Idaho Falls a couple of weeks ago, visiting the in-laws, when I heard about a local guy who's running for governor of Idaho. Now the current governor isn't exactly the type of guy I'd vote for. And Butch Otter sames like a strange fictional name. Kind of like Rex Rammell, one of the guys who's trying to replace him. Only problem is, Butch Otter, as extreme as he is, looks like a sane moderate compared to Rex Rammell.
Rammell is LDS, lives in Eastern Idaho, and has recently arranged a meeting for LDS Elders to discuss the White Horse Prophecy, the Constitution hanging by a thread, and all sorts of other....we'll be polite and call them space doctrines. They're of questionable origin, and the church has distanced itself from them.
Here's a link to a copy of his invitation. Here's a link to the church's response.
Best of all, though, was an area authority who, within my hearing, said that Rex Rammell had "said some very idiotic things." Ouch.
People have certainly been excommunicated for less--I imagine there's a chance that will happen here, if Rammell doesn't back down. Fortunately, he doesn't have many followers--most people think he's wacko, even in Eastern Idaho.

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Mommy Bee said...

dang!! what a nut!