Friday, March 29, 2013

Harvard Religion

In which the most prestigious (and probably the coolest) former bishopric gets even more prestigious:

This is cool for a couple of reasons.  First, it's freaking Harvard, and it's safe to say no member of the church has ever been in the religion department here (or in any other truly top-tier school, unless you include Vanderbilt).

Second, Duff David Holland is just a cool dude.  A bit quiet, unassuming, yet still friendly.  The obligatory young married member of the Singles Ward Bishopric.  The kind of guy who wasn't afraid to ditch Sunday School with a couple of guys in the singles ward to go visit someone in the hospital (and yes, we made it back before church ended).  Who showed up to singles ward picnics and made a point of talking to the new kid.  Who shied away from talk of his famous father.

Congrats, Duff.  Good to see you making a name for yourself.

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