Friday, March 01, 2013

Microsoft Office Issues

So a few months ago I bought Microsoft Office 2010.  I bought it specifically because it promised me an upgrade to Office 365 once 365 came out.  When that happened several weeks ago, I created a Microsoft account (using my work email as user name) and signed up for it.

Problem is, Microsoft insists on verifying my email address before I can upgrade.  I try to verify, and I'm told there's a "temporary" problem with the service.  Except it's not exactly temporary.  I used a Godaddy email address (my work one, attached to my website) and apparently Microsoft discriminates against Godaddy and refuses to allow those email addresses to work.  Microsoft also won't allow me to change my email address/user name (in fact, they won't allow anyone to change it--a "temporary" problem that's been going on for several months now).  I try to create a new user name for Microsoft and install Office 365, and I'm told I'm out of luck because I've already installed Office 365.

I'm sure all that made perfect sense...

In any case:

I hate Microsoft.  Maybe it's time to make the change to Google Docs.

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