Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Easter Song

I never knew how much He meant to me
'Til I found myself alone
My friends and I had gone our separate ways
Though our friendship was still set in stone
At that time I had no one to talk to
No one nearby to confide
So I kneeled down on cold ground
And I offered a prayer to up high
I remember the old story
Of the night at Bethlehem
The stable the star and the shepherds
Gathered for the birth of the Lamb
I see Him at Gethsemane
And on the cross of death
A crown of thorns upon his head
The nails being set
Then I see him approach Mary
Resurrected, a new man
I see the love he radiates
And the piercings on his hands.
I marvel at his glory
And I wonder at his might
The man of many miracles
Surrounded by this light
And I'm surrounded by His light.

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