Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Law School

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life.
I'm married to a beautiful woman. So that decision is finally made, and I'm definitely happy with it.
But as far as a career goes...
For some reason, the idea of going to law school has recently snuck into my head. So I've been looking into it, reading several books about it, applied to half a dozen law schools (or, am in the process of applying), and I'm studying for the LSAT.
Turns out that BYU is ranked the most competitive law school. That's's more competitive than Yale or Harvard. And turns out that there are two other schools that are ranked more conservative (see Princeton Review for the rankings).
All the schools I'm applying to are first tier (U of U and BYU both easily fit into that category, but University of Idaho doesn't).
Anyway, I'm hoping something happens here. Teaching's fine, but the money's crappy (and I'd like April to have the option of not working, which right now is not an option) and I'd rather work with people one-on-one. And I really want to do something that requires more thinking.
And with BYU's ranking for competitiveness and conservativeness, I'm not sure I'd attend even if they accepted me...
But a few other schools, including the (gasp) U of U, are looking real nice.


Cougarg said...

I really don't have anything against The U itself, just its athletics program and especially its fans. And since you seemed to have only a passing interest at most in BYU sports, I have no worries of you becoming a Ute fan if you do go to school there.

It would be great to have you guys around, but go where ever is best for you!

Woodine said...

Do you mean BYU is more competitive to be accepted or that the academic environment itself is more competitive (battling for the A)?

Good luck getting all of that figured out! Keep us posted on what you decided - that would be a great new adventure for you two.

Tim said...

It's definitely not the toughest to be accepted into...
That honor would go to Yale or Harvard.
However, students from BYU report that they spend a lot of time studying and that their peers spend a lot of time studying. In fact, they report more study hours than do students at any other school.