Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Right out of the Twilight Zone

I awoke this morning, read the news online, and got ready for work.
I snuck a peek outside (like I usually do), hoping that it had snowed a foot or so during the night, and my long weekend could be extended to four days instead of three. No such luck. I kissed April goodbye and stepped out into the frigid Idaho Falls air.
My wet hair froze almost instantaneously, and my usually cooperative car was a bit sluggish. I drove to work (about a 12-minute drive), and pulled into the teacher's parking lot. Only one other car in the lot, which is odd...normally, this close to 8:00, there are more. I dig around for the watch I keep in my car, hoping to confirm the time, only to find that the battery's dead.
I walk quickly to my back-door entrance that leads straight to my classroom. The clock on the wall reads 7:49, which means all teachers should be in the building within the next 11 minutes.
Something's definitely wrong. Daylight-savings time change? No...
While my computer boots up, I go look around. No one is around. No one. A bit freaky, to say the least.
Confused, I wander back to my computer and look up Idaho Falls news.
Yep. Every school in the area is shut down.
Apparently they cancel school when the school buses can't start because it's -18 F.


JorgenMan said...

Wow. Have I mentioned how much I love Albuquerque? It's 50 F outside right now.

Cougarg said...

I guess the snowbirds have something going. It was 3 degrees in SLC today.

the masked mallard said...

Dang, that's cold! I'm so sick of winter, although Kristi helps me look at the bright side of things.

Tim said...

Aren't significant others great?