Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley's Last Words

I'm not sure what the prophet's last words were. As tired and worn as he was, he still spoke during the Christmas broadcast, and his words there could be regarded by some as his last words, at least to the church in general.
Less than two weeks ago, however, church leaders met with Utah lawmakers to discuss the church's concerns. I'm not sure who these leaders were or how many of the concerns came directly from the prophet, but they're certainly interesting.
Health care, drugs (meth), and alcohol were some of the concerns.
Another was illegal immigration.
I have been unable to find direct quotes from the church or church leaders, except the official word from a church spokesman: "We communicated our policy ... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taken no position regarding currently proposed immigration legislation." So they didn't address any specific current legislation.
Here is what church leaders did say, according to lawmakers.
LDS Church officials "used the word 'call,' they made a call for humanity in immigration" debates and legislation, Litvack (the House Minority Whip) said. "We should not demonize" illegal immigrants. "In some cases, the debate has become so ugly, I heard, so hateful and dehumanizing. Let's bring back the element of humanity."
"I interpreted what was said as this: 'Take a step back, be calm, and above all remember that we are dealing with human beings here,"' said Litvack.
Dave Clark, the House Majority Leader, reported that church leaders said that "we all need to approach this subject with compassion."
If this was said according to President Hinckley's instructions, it's a fitting last message from the prophet.

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